International realm launch confirmed!

crawenn - 2017.02.28 22:10

Dear Players,


We are happy to inform you that we are launching an international realm very soon, of which we already have a few details outlined.

  • Rates are going to be 1x of course, with a PvP rule set.
  • Free transfer will be available from the Tauri realm after all race/class Realm Firsts have been achieved on this new realm. You can transfer 2 characters per account free of charge, any further transfers require a small fee to be paid. However, guild transfer won’t be available, to provide an even chance to everyone.
  • A few other restrictions apply until class/race realm firsts: Death Knight creation level limit is reimposed temporarily, and all XP modifiers are disabled until class/race realm firsts are achieved. This includes heirlooms, the monk daily buff and the Fast Tracking guild perk.
  • The patch - and therefore the client version - is 5.4.8, however the content shall start with patch 5.0.4. The new realm will be integrated into the battlegroup, so you guys can enjoy all benefits of the - now-expanding - crossrealm tech. Auction house will also be shared with the Hungarian realm as soon as the tech for it is finished and tested.
  • There will be a countdown timer available for the new realm’s launch in a couple of days.
  • We still need a name, because ‘New Realm’ and ‘International’ both sound a bit… underwhelming?
  • This new realm will exactly be the same as [HU]Tauri with the difference of the official language.
  • The new realm will not be part of the battlegroup until transfers are open however.

If you would like to suggest a name, please don't hesitate to post your ideas here:


The original announcement can be found at

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