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Latest news
Aithne - 2018.02.18 15:03

Dear Players!


Due to a small, unexpected error, our site and servers were temporarily unavailable. The error was fixed, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Tauri Team

crawenn - 2018.02.08 16:04

Dear Players,


As you might have experienced ingame or seen on the changelog, we made a complete rework on our Group Finder tool. Essential new features are now also implemented, which are in a nutshell:


  • The queue suspend feature is now implemented. What this means is that if a player queues up to, let's say, three different LFR wings and gets a queue pop, the other two queues are... Read more
crawenn - 2018.01.15 18:06

Dear Players,


We are proud to present you - at long last - our Recruit a Friend system, available on the VIP panel or in the game, which you can use to invite your friends to play with us.


"Why is this good for me?" - you might be asking yourself. "They don't even have a character, would just start to play and I'm not in the mood for leveling..."


Well, consider this:


- Anytime... Read more

Recent news

PvP changes

Aithne - 2017.12.20 15:03

Dear Players!



During the previous season, we've received enormous amounts of feedback that certain classes were too overpowered, while others were lagging behind in terms of damage and/or usefulness. We've decided to address these issues quite a bit more actively in this season through experimenting with PvP damage/healing values and dynamically changing them based on your feedbac... Read more

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MrFox - 2017.12.20 13:01

Dear Players,


This was an eventful year for you. You’ve discovered a new continent filled with mysteries and adventures, and you’ve also gained the trust of the Pandaren as your new allies. With joint force you’ve discovered the secrets of Mogu’shan Vaults, you’ve halted the plans of the mantid in the Heart of Fear, and you’ve also mustered the courage to defeat the Sha of Fear.


N... Read more

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Black Market Auction House

Aithne - 2017.12.17 11:11

Dear Players!


Due to a critical issue, we've disabled the BMAH on all realms until the next restart. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Tauri Team

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PTR: Brawler's Guild

Higi - 2017.12.05 21:09

Dear players!


The Brawler's Guild Arena is now open for testing on our PTR.

You don't need any invitations to test the encounters.

Please test every encounter that is available, and the queue system aswell.

If you noticed something that seems like a bug, please don't hesitate to tell us on our bugtracker.


Thank you for your help,


Tauri Team

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crawenn - 2017.11.30 15:03

Dear Players,


We would like to inform you that starting with today, you can purchase credits in our shop with paysafecards.


Have a great time!

Tauri Team

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More News

Developer Logs

Devlog, 5.1 launch - 22th December, 2017

crawen - 2017.12.22 14:02



Challenge mode

  • Challenge reset, cleanup
  • Stat scaling
  • Already done/refurbished/rewritten dungeons: Scholomance, Scarlet Halls, Scarlet Monastery, Siege of Niuzao Temple




A Little Patience fixes (spells, intro stucking)


World bosses

Sha of Anger, Saylis’ Warband lockout visual and loot


Brawler’s Guild

Epicus Maximus





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