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Latest news
Daniel - 2018.04.25 20:08

Dear Players,


Due to a hardware malfunction in one of our main servers, we are performing an unscheduled maintenance tonight. This may cause outages on our realms between 10.00 pm and 9.00 am (CEST).

We apologise for the inconvenience.


Tauri Team

Jackcarver - 2018.04.24 11:11

Dear Players!
The ending of the current PvP season is slowly approaching. As we know, a many of you wondering where are they at the ladder and what kind of PvP reward can they expect.

Until the ending of the season you can track your current rank and the eligibility for rewards on this site.
Tauri Team

Aithne - 2018.04.22 16:04

Dear Players,


UPDATE: We've successfully resolved the issue. 


Our crossrealm server is temporarily unavailable due to unforeseen issues. As a result, the Dungeon/Raid Finder queues, BG's and arenas are not working, and characters which were on the crossream might be stuck without being able to log in. We're already working on resolving it, and apologize for the inconvenience.


Tauri Team

Recent news

Unexpected Downtime

Daniel - 2018.04.12 21:09

Dear Players,


Tonight our MoP realms experienced a small downtime due to an unexpected error. The error was fixed, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Tauri Team

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MrFox - 2018.03.28 10:10

Dear Players,


The Easter bunny has arrived early this year and convinced us to make the Hearthsteed and the Heart of the Aspects mounts available for you. The two mounts can be purchased on the VIP Panel until the 5th of April.


We’ve also made the Swift Windsteed mount permanently available to be purchased on the VIP Panel.


Have a nice game,

Tauri Team

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Character AH

MrFox - 2018.03.26 14:02

Dear Players,


We’re glad to announce that the internal test of Character AH succeeded, and we’ve made the feature available for all registered users.


Character AH is a marketplace for characters, where players can trade with each other, currently using fix-priced auctions. For a detailed guide about the feature, please take your time to read the About menu on the Character AH page... Read more

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Character AH

Aithne - 2018.02.25 16:04

Dear Players!


Many of you may have noticed that the brand new, but long awaited feature of the VIP panel, character auction house, has entered its beta phase. After about two weeks of internal testing, if everything goes well, it will be made available to players with character listing and buyout options.


Tauri Team

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Unexpected downtime

Aithne - 2018.02.18 15:03

Dear Players!


Due to a small, unexpected error, our site and servers were temporarily unavailable. The error was fixed, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Tauri Team

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Developer Logs

Devlog, 5.1 launch - 22th December, 2017

crawen - 2017.12.22 14:02



Challenge mode

  • Challenge reset, cleanup
  • Stat scaling
  • Already done/refurbished/rewritten dungeons: Scholomance, Scarlet Halls, Scarlet Monastery, Siege of Niuzao Temple




A Little Patience fixes (spells, intro stucking)


World bosses

Sha of Anger, Saylis’ Warband lockout visual and loot


Brawler’s Guild

Epicus Maximus





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