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crawenn - 2017.02.01 19:07

In the previous devlog I already promised that this week is going to be all about your questions, so I really don't want to waste more time, there you go!


Q: Do you guys plan to make the low-pop realms attractive again?

A: Cross-realm zones (CRZ) are going to be implemented (although we have no ETA yet), so technically the feeling would be if you were playing on the same realm.


Q: How many people is the Tauri staff comprised of? What is their job? What other kind of jobs is the Tauri Network Kft. contracted for, and how many people are not developing WoW?

A:  7 people are currently in the staff, and we are doing web development for various companies. All of us are involved in the development of the WoW realms and anything beyond.


Q: Are there any open non-programmer/non-IT positions?

A: Currently, no.


Q: In which order are the following features going to be implemented? Pet Battle, Brawler's Guild, Pandaria/lvl90, Dungeons, Scenarios, Raids (with the last three, I mean the new ones).

A: 1. Pandaria/lvl90 2. dungeons/scenarios/raids, 3. pet battle, 4. Brawler’s Guild


Q: Is there any extra feature on Tauri which is not present on retail servers? (Not sarcastically.)

A: If we can take it as an extra feature, our whole VIP shop is an extra feature, furthermore all of our ingame VIP functions are considered as such.


Q: To what level did you open towards foreign players with Mists? Can you imagine launching a separate realm if the demand is high enough?

A: We were, and will be always completely open towards non-hungarian players. We really don't believe that a separate realm should be the solution (of course unless there is a tremendous demand for that), as we are completely against player separation in any way. Furthermore, CRZ is a project currently being developed, which would result in a big melting pot of players at the end of the day.




Q: Will there be a 2s reward?

A: Not in the preseason. Later on, it depends on the activity of the other two brackets.


Q: Can you exploit the realm first leveling achievement?

A: We'll do our best to prevent this.




Q: Why is Higi fixing Elwynn Forest lambs instead of working on the new features? (For one, there is pet battle, which is assigned to JayD who has both his hands full)

A: A good chunck of the bugs are caused by a global issue scheduled to be fixed later, this is the reason Higi is scripting lambs. Pet battle is most likely going to be developed by Webby.


Q: Why are the git commits in English if only 2 staff members speaks English, and there are even a few players who don't?

A: So those who don't speak it could practice :) Anyways, 3 of us knows English, come on.


Q: Do you plan recruiting another supporter who could somewhat disencumber Mokeszli? (like Neith was)

A: We already thought about this, but no choice has been made yet.


Q: Is there going to be a proper forum in the near future? Now that 2 of the 3 originally selected moderators are gone, is there going to be another random pick?

A: We don't see its necessity for the time being.


Q: Is there going to be a proper rule set in the near future? (Not like the current, in which rules sometimes contradict each other, this all have been collected by Executioner a while ago)

A: Might be.


Q: Is Chris going to acknowledge that Engineering prices are wrong if I'm not the one reporting?





Q: When are you going to finally dismiss Rob?

A: He won't be. We are satisfied with his work.


Q: When is Pandaria going to be available on the PTR? Quests and stuff?

A: Sometime around the end of February.


Q: When will it be included in the rules that if someone tries to sell their stuff for IRL money/LoL/CS:GO/etc shennanigans will get a permanent ban for all of his accounts?

A: "It is forbidden to exchange Goodwill value of Tauri and services (eq. account, character, Credit, gold, item, etc.) to any other goods or services not related to Tauri."

(farkaxx, who didn't change his IP so we could find out who he was :)))



Q: ETA for Proving Grounds? Should be a content exclusive to patch 5.4, but I saw some commits during the summer indicating Chris already finished it.

A: It's not at 100%, but it will be available in 5.4. I've been doing it because it's heavily based on the new achievement system, so we could investigate lots of issues and implement tons of new features otherwise necessary for player achievements and scenarios.




Q: When will you fix the issue that characters share all achievements on the account they're on, but they should only the ones earned by that character?

A: This is not a bug, this is a Mists feature.




Q: When are achievements going to be fixed? I mean that occasionally, I don't receive the achievement despite all the criteria being fulfilled.

A: We are fixing issues constantly, just wait for it.


Q: Are critter positions going to be fixed, or we need to accept that it'll stay the same?

A: Negotiations are underway with a professional pet tamer to end this untenable situation.


Q: Can we expect ordinary class balance in PvP or are you going to blame the patch-content difference, and in the last patch the upcoming next expansion?

A: Classes are going to be balanced for the patch (5.4), and that being said, base resilience and Battle Fatigue are the only variables we can play around. We also collected all changes (percents) between 5.0 and 5.4, our general aim will be to base the balance according to these results. When Season 15 goes live, the official base resilience- and Battle Fatigue values are going to be set.




Q: Is Tauri and Warriors of Darkness going to be merged?

A: We have no such plans.




Q: Can we expect cross realm being expanded to LFR and RDF?

A: Yep, we are working on it right now.




Q: How is the implementation of the 5.4.8 content going to look like?

A: We think it might be a bit early to talk about 5.4 while 5.0 is not completely implemented.




Q: Is there any modifier for different battlegrounds to start? Or are they launched with an even chance for all of them? Is there anything watching the size of the queue?

A: There is a unique modifier on each of them, but currently the BG queue system is being fine tuned. Although smaller battlegrounds have a higher chance to launch as the others.


Q: Can you please lower the chance of Alterac Valley being launched or simply increase the others?

A: It's going to be decreased, we are collecting data for the time being to help us optimise battleground launch chances.




Q: I would like to ask about the Scarlet Tabard. It was officially removed from he game with patch 5.0.4, then re-implemented in 5.3.0. When Scarlet Halls launches on Tauri, is the tabard going to be available straight away, or we'll have to wait until the content progresses all the way to 5.3? And is there any chance for Scarlet Halls being implemented before Pandaria goes live?

A: The tabard will be implemented in the 5.3.0 content.




Q: Are the fixes going to be live when Pandaria opens?

A: Of course.


Q: According to a news article from September, Pandaria is at about 50% progress. By what amount did this change?

A: We are at about 80% right now.


Q: Can we see your current progress level somewhere?

A: Nope, because everyone would take our internal schedule as a fact.


Q: Is there going to be a news article about what and when to expect stuff?

A: Of course everything will be on the frontpage once we have the schedule.


Q: Are the .txt-s seen on Twitch official?

A: Nope, those are internal plans, being rarely updated. (The one you could see on Kimbatt's stream has been updated sometime around summer).


Q: Are you paying attention towards tester's competence? Emphasis on classes and raids.

A: PTR is called PTR for a reason, and both that and the bugtracker is completely public. The propriety of the bugreport is the reason we are asking for data from legit sources, because if someone is savvy enough to obtain those, usually we trust that person enough not to doubt about his/her competency.


Q: Is there any news about the Cata legendary quest items? At the moment they don't drop on 10N/H, despite Higi closing a bug report saying it'll be fixed with the next DC.

A: It's in the loot tables with a 100% drop chance. If you still see otherwise, you can report it on our bugtracker.


Q: Is there going to be an article about the solving of bigger issues?

A: Everything is pushed onto changelog.tauriwow.com, in case it's not a global issue. If it's global it's not, because it takes a lot of time to collect all the issues it's going to fix, and time is precious :)


Q: Ever thought about community management on the forums or on facebook? There is a lot of controversy and false informations on both of them, both caused by lack of information or general knowledge.

A: Unfortunately it's soulcrushingly difficult to manage a community taking word of mouth over official information.


Q: Ever thought of guiding these new or not-so-well informed players?

A: That is exactly what this article is for :)


Q: Are the devlog, Twitch chat, IRC, Facebook or the thousand forum topics official?

A: On twitter or in the devlog you can read exclusively 100% official and valid information (however, terms and conditions apply on April Fool's). Validity of information on the others depends on who wrote it and how.

(Lord Percy)



Q: How many tickets do you guys handle a day? Is there an entry for each fixed ticket on the changelog right away?

A: I would rather say that all of the tickets are pushed right away to the changelog when they are fixed, except if the developer fixes something without looking for reports about it first, in this case the ticket will be marked 'Obsolete' and no entry will be created on the changelog. This also applies to every ticket which is not closed as 'Fixed' - in this case it'll appear on the #info channel on IRC, which is completely public.


Q: What are the priorities regarding tickets? Do you start with easier-to-fix quests for example?

A: Well before the PTR phase we split up the work internally. But of course, in case of high player demand we look into an issue.


Q: Wouldn't it be easier if you make a session for minor, cosmetic fixes like once or twice a week?

A: Cosmetic issues are often can be fixed with a simple SQL query, which can be posted by the community as well. In case the issue is a bit more specific and we need to touch the script, the developer only does it either when he's done with his assigned job or when he can't go on with it because a feature he needs for that is not fully functional yet.


Q: Do you plan to update you current Facebook-page? I mean I really can't see much news or entries from you. Or do you mean that whenever there is anything official, who cares about it will find it anyway?

A: Not really, we would like to keep to our already established network, and our aim is with our Facebook to keep it up for a more general community.


Q: About what percent of the bugreports are relevant?

A: We can't even tell you an approximate number, simply because we don't spend our time counting this. If we have to ad-hoc something, we'll say that about the half of them.


Q: Did it ever happen that you fixed a ticket open for a longer period of time, lets say weeks, or are you only a couple days behind?

A: Of course it happened, but most of the time this is only because either the issue is behind on the priority list or because of its nature.


Q: About how much time does fixing bugs take away from your average day? I can see that there are days where you close more that 10 tickets, but for example yesterday you closed only 5.

A: Don't assume anything about the sole numbers of closed tickets, you can find our git commints on the changelog, and you can follow even the smallest fixes in the #info channel of our IRC. And how much time you ask? Another thing we don't really keep in mind, but if you look at the timestamp next to the commints, you can see that pretty much all of it :)




Q: When is the website going to be redesigned?

A: Soon™

(Jónás_a kecske)


And the big question: ETA for Pandaria and lvl90? We could only guess until now, there will be an article on the mainpage at most two weeks before launch. Which is pretty sure is that short after the end of the 4th test phase.


Thanks to Chris and Higi for the answers, and of course to you for asking so much :)

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