Tauri - Evermoon migration now available!

crawenn - 2017.03.21 13:01

Dear Players,


We are happy to inform you that character migrations are now available from the Tauri realm to Evermoon in the account management. The transfer is free for up to 2 characters per account, and there is a small fee of 200 credits for each character above this limit. If your name is already taken, and you think someone purposedly took it to prevent you from using it, please reach out to crawen on either Discord or IRC, because in this case, you'll get charged 800 credits if we don't flag the smurf character for rename. Furthermore all of the VIP functions are available for Evermoon players as of now.


Please keep in mind that of you migrate you character, it will be gone from Tauri.


Have a great time guys!


Tauri Team

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