Devlog: The other way

crawenn - 2017.07.10 20:08

When I sat down to write this piece of devlog for you guys, I thought that I should maybe keep less to the original format, and talk a bit about what’s next for us – including you of course.


A lot of you approached us on different platforms to get answers about various concerns, ideas and plans, such as the progression of Tier 14 and the player draught on our international realm Evermoon (many of you call this the ’Evermoon situation’).


First off, I’ll explain the future progress of all realms, somewhat also getting into the future order of raids and PTR testing. So as you know, there are three normal (and LFR) mode raid bosses currently available in the Mogu'shan Vaults: The Stone Guard, Feng the Accursed and Gara’jal the Spiritbinder. Since these fights require a minimal amount of raid coordination and mediocre damage and healing, most guilds and even pugs run through it in 20-ish minutes, which hardly can be called content of course. This is why the other three bosses are already in the works, with Elegon lacking a few finishing touches before the three (?) of them can make it to the PTR – looking at you, Will of the Emperor and Spirit Kings. Heroic mode will only be accessible if the raid leader already overcame the Will of the Emperor on Normal mode, with the lockout also being B-like. But which is also important, progression will be taken to a next level with the introduction of the Terrace of Endless Spring raid instance, where you can start getting the first setbonuses of the expansion through the acquisition of Tier 14 gear. The instance is already being worked on, this also means that most likely Heart of Fear will be the last raid to be released in this batch of content.


From this week, players are also available to start the legendary quest chain, which will reward you with a piece of Sha-Touched Gem, providing +500 Intellect, Strength or Agility based on the choice of the player at the end of the first stage.


The second point to be explained is how we plan to tackle the Evermoon situation. We received ideas sometimes bordering insanity, which ranged from going PvE 2x-3x rate (which kinda makes sense) to fake population because players don’t want to play with 100 other players (which also makes sense, but on the other end of the spectrum). Right now we’re trying to approach the technical side of the issue with the upcoming release of the cross-realm auction house, which means Tauri’s AH will be shared with Evermoon – thus boasting Evermoon’s economy big time. The other planned feature however got mixed reception: cross-realm zones are a somewhat controversial topic for multiple reasons, for example mining and herb nodes, because they will also be shared – thus competition will be significantly higher for an Evermoon player. There is also the higher chance of involuntary world PvP, which is also a factor to consider. All in all, there has been a fair amount of community- as well as internal staff discussion about the true solution for Evermoon’s lack of players. Which however is important to note is that we already gave you the realm, now it’s up to you to bring your friends and guildies and fill up the world.


But to get back to some happier stuff, the core is steadily climbing back to its full glory, with significantly more noticeable hotfixes being pushed everyday now that a satisfying level of stability is achieved. We will be able to focus more on the content and the classes, which still need some polishing here and there.


If you have any questions feel free to approach us!


P. S.: we can also give another Q&A week a go if you’d like :^)

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