Chris - 2017.07.19 11:11

Dear Players,

Lots of you would like to know what's going on in the backgroud, so I've put together a quick summary for you.


1: Mogu'shan Vaults - the full normal mode will be implemented on the 26th of July, 2017, thus LFR and heroic will be available at the 2nd of August, 2017

- Lots of guilds have tested it and reported bugs, thus helping us to script the full experience of the raid. Kudos to them!


2. PvP - Spells are constantly being worked at

- Tons and tons of you guys approached us that there is no balance because of the shifting in the content and the patch (5.0.5 - 5.4.8). This is not fully true, since spell values were buffed with percents, thus proportionally - all this while fixing some issues with the spells themselves.

- Of course there are exceptions because of the stats being slightly on the 'too much' side of things, but as soon as spell mechanics are fully implemented, we will try to compensate you for that.

- As a result, there should be balance theoretically, but we are just not right there yet.

- You also help out a lot, for which we are incredibly grateful.


3. New forums - It's time to move on from our borderline antique forum engine, and trade it in for a shiny new one

- Language selection will be automatic (EN/HU)

- Our current forums will be read-only (thus, you won't be able to open any more topics, comment or register)

- You will be able to enter with your Tauri credentials, and no separate registration process will be necessary.


4. mop-shoot

- Dementor has metric tons of work in the site and he's doing very well, cheers!


5. Evermoon-Tauri crossrealm AH

- Unfortunately this is not a small task, when I started working on it, I said I'll be done in like 2 weeks at most (complete with cross-realm mailing of account bound items). This estimation was naive at best...

- This is why I don't want to share an ETA, because now I got to the point that I can't tell when I can finish it.


6. As you read in the most recent devlogs, Stage 1 of the legendary quest chain is fully implemented.


7. The other raids are being worked at constantly


8. Data is being collected for challenge modes continuously.


Tauri Team

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