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crawenn - 2017.07.28 20:08

Dear Players,


As everything has to end someday, with sore heart we would like to inform you that after more than 8 years of faithful service, we have closed our old forums, because it's engine was... outdated. Let's see a few stats of the period between the 5th of April, 2009 and the 28th of July, 2017:


  • 49817 registered users
  • 39477 topics
  • A whopping 557815 posts and replies
  • Of the above, Mokeszli created precisely 20851
  • Coming in second and third, davidkyo and Karoseria with 11032 and 9161 posts and replies, respectively
  • The least amount of replies are shared between 32215 users, but we won't list their names due to space restrictions


But don't you worry, because MrFox, Higi, Chris and Invision Community Suite proudly present you the new forum, which you can reach on


Features include, but are not limited to:


  • Clubs (pretty much like facebook-groups)
  • Login with Tauri credentials
  • Direct image pasting (yep this is actually a big deal for us :D)
  • Personal statuses (eg. message boards)
  • Reactions!
  • Automatic language selection
  • Polished interface, with mobile version
  • This of course means that support queries will be handled here in the future


In case you have questions or remarks, feel free to share it with us here: /topic/10/


Have a great time!

Tauri Team

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