PTR for upcoming raids

Higi - 2017.08.11 18:06

Dear players!

As of today Heart of Fear & Terrace of Endless Spring is officially available for testing on our PTR.
Please help us to test these encounters.

Developers responsible for boss encounters:

Heart of Fear:


  • Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - Done
  • Blade Lord Ta'yak - Done


  • Wind Lord Mel'jarak - Done
  • Amber-Shaper Un'sok - Development in progress


  • Garalon - Done
  • Grand Empress Shek'zeer - Done

Terrace of the Endless Spring:

  • Higi - All encounters done

In addition, the dungeon guide npcs have an option to help you with buffing each player with some helpful buffs, so you can test the encounter mechanics more easier.

The test period will be short, so please be very thorough. If there are no bugreports for a boss for a longer time, we'll mark the boss as ready, and prevent any further testing of it.

It is in not just our, but in your best interest to have all these encounters tested and all it's bugs fixed, so you can enjoy them on the live servers as soon as possible.

Thank you for your help,

Tauri Team

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