5.1 - Landfall, season end

Aithne - 2017.11.23 19:07

Dear Players!


We are happy to announce that 5.1 content, namely the Krasarang PvP factions, the first 8 ranks of Brawler's Guild, and Item Upgrade, will be released on 2017-12-13 (Wednesday). At 11 AM server time all realms will be restarted for approx. 30 minutes.


After the restart, the current PvP season ends. Rewards will be given, and a new Malevolent season will begin immediately.


All characters will keep their Valor and Conquest Points, and on the first week, your Conquest Point cap will be calculated based on your previous rating.


Until then, you can check your current rank and eligibility for rewards on this site.


Tauri Team

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