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Aithne - 2017.12.20 15:03

Dear Players!



During the previous season, we've received enormous amounts of feedback that certain classes were too overpowered, while others were lagging behind in terms of damage and/or usefulness. We've decided to address these issues quite a bit more actively in this season through experimenting with PvP damage/healing values and dynamically changing them based on your feedback.


The first major PvP change, which will take effect globally, is increasing Battle Fatigue from its current value of 50% to 60%, however, this value is not set in stone.


The second major change will only affect arenas and isn't this exact: we'll be dynamically toning down the damage of the current top classes/specializations slightly, and possibly slightly buff the absolute weakest ones.


In addition, as you may have already noticed, we've decided to implement a couple extra features that you've been requesting for a while - in battlegrounds/arenas, PvE gear is now scaled down to an item level of 496, and to make gearing PvP alts easier, we'll implement the Conquest cap catch-up system in the very near future.


We hope that through cooperating with You on these changes, we'll be able to provide a more engaging, more competitive PvP experience for everyone.



Tauri Team

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