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crawenn - 2018.01.15 18:06

Dear Players,


We are proud to present you - at long last - our Recruit a Friend system, available on the VIP panel or in the game, which you can use to invite your friends to play with us.


"Why is this good for me?" - you might be asking yourself. "They don't even have a character, would just start to play and I'm not in the mood for leveling..."


Well, consider this:


- Anytime you are playing together with your invited friend (using characters that are at most three levels apart), both of you will be getting 300% of the normal XP amount, applying until the level cap of the previous expansion.

- Were you split up? No worries! You can always summon each other wherever you are in the world!

If for some reason your character (recruiting player) falls behind then the recruited friend could give you levels with a few clicks.


This period lasts for 90 days in total, but the recruiting player - so: you - will be eligible for an exclusive mount once the invited player dings level 80 90 and activates at least a full month of VIP membership.


You can send invites from the "Social" panel ingame, or from the URL.


Have a great time,

Tauri Team

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