LFG rework

crawenn - 2018.02.08 16:04

Dear Players,


As you might have experienced ingame or seen on the changelog, we made a complete rework on our Group Finder tool. Essential new features are now also implemented, which are in a nutshell:


  • The queue suspend feature is now implemented. What this means is that if a player queues up to, let's say, three different LFR wings and gets a queue pop, the other two queues are paused. Upon finishing the first wing, both of them will continue to look for a group.

  • Yep, this also means that you can now queue to multiple instances or random battlegrounds at once.

  • In LFR, if 80% (or a minimum of 1) of the needed players accept the queue for each different role, the group will form and the system will initiate the instance and will continue looking for people. This means that the raid will successfully be formed with a 1/4/13 tank/heal/dps setup.


Since the whole system is reworked there can be of course bugs, please make sure to post them to our bugtracker when encountered


Have a great time!

Tauri Team

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