Devlog, MoP #1 and Q&A Week

crawenn - 2017.01.24 20:08

Please allow me to differ from the usual format, and to write in a somewhat blog-style about our achievements and the fixed bugs. This is mainly justified by the fact that there is an inhumane amount of unprocessed data on my end (we are talking about 700 commits with lots and lots of fix compiles, which are multiple fixes in one commit), and that of course there are lots of trivial fixes as well.


In the last couple weeks since the change-over to Mists, the staff put up a tremendous amount of effort so you can have top-tier experience whilst spending your time with us, hence are they fighting the seemingly endless seam of class bugs, quests, service issues. Nonetheless, we can say that we are showing steady progress over and over again, this is the reason the servers keep getting better over time. Sadly however, sometimes you guys forget that both the developer and the supporter are human, so we all can make mistakes, as well as all of us have their own limits.


And something else to the end of it: lots of you guys reached out to us in this couple weeks, so next week's devlog is going to be all about answering your questions. These can be asked after a brief registration process by clicking the following URL:


Please try not to focus on your own, often unique problems, but try to ask questions about the server's mid-long term future itself - okay the questions are of course going to be filtered, but you don't want to give me extra work, right?


The next devlog will be released on the 1st of February, 2017, this also marks the deadline to ask your questions. Furthermore, devlogs are going to be released on each Tuesday instead of each Saturday from now on.


Thank you for choosing us, have a good time!

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