Cross-realm mailing and auction house

crawenn - 2017.08.29 19:07

Dear Players,


We are happy to inform you that we expanded our crossrealm features even further by adding mailing between the Evermoon and Tauri realms. Warriors of Darkness will not be a part of the system yet, but heirlooms will be available for mailing between realms.


The recipient's format will be the same as it is with cross-realm invites and whispers, Steve-Evermoon or Joe-Tauri for instance.


The another function we would like to announce is the arrival of the cross-realm auction house between Evermoon and Tauri. This is exactly what it sounds, the two realms will share the same auction house after the transition, which will take part on Thursday, at 10:00 CEST. Both realms will be restarted, after which you will receive all your items in Evermoon's auction house at that point into your mailboxes, which will appear on Tauri after reposting them.


Please report all bugs as soon as possible on our bugtracker at!


Have a great time!


Tauri Team

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