AAV - atrox Arena Viewer (WotLK)
Author: zwacky

Record and view arena replays.

Labels: Arena
Ackis Recipe List (WotLK)
Author: Ackis
Ackis Recipe List is an addon which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes. It works for all tradeskills including Runeforging.
Labels: Professions

Advanced Trade Skill Window (WotLK)
Author: rowaasr13

An improved window for your tradeskills.

Labels: Professions
Altoholic (WotLK)
Author: pompachomp
Provides information about your alts
Labels: Informant

Arena Unit Frames (WotLK)
Author: Torrid
Unit frames for arena opponents
Labels: UI Arena
Atlas (WotLK)
Author: Dan Gilbert, Lothaer
Instance Map Browser and extras.
Labels: Map, Minimap

Auctioneer (WotLK)
Author: Norganna
Auctioneer assists players to track item values; whether buying or selling. You must enable at least one statistics extension (like Auc:Stats:Simple) to begin. Combines with other... (more)
Labels: Auction
Bartender4 (WotLK)
Author: Nevcairiel
Simple and Advanced combined - Bartender4 ActionBar AddOn
Labels: UI

Basic Chat Mods (WotLK)
Author: Funkydude
Type /bcm to configure BasicChatMods, a basic and modular approach to chat customization.
Labels: Chat
BuyEmAll (WotLK)
Author: Shinisuryu
Enhances shift-click interface at vendors.
Labels: Vendor

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